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Tips for Web Designing Companies

A compelling copy : A visitor takes no more than 5 seconds to decide whether to stay on the site or abandon it. This means you only have 5 seconds to convince the users to stay on your site and take a call to action. You have to ensure that they find your site appealing to improve conversions and reduce the bounce rate. If the user feels that your site fails to answer their needs, they will leave the site right away. For visitors to stay you have to ensure that you have a compelling copy capable of drawing the attention of the visitors.

Clear and concise messages : Makes sure your messages are short and to-the-point. A well designed website is one that features clear, crisp and concise messages that do not take more than a few words. Avoid using long paragraphs of text in the homepage. Your homepage is the main entry to your site. Make sure it appears organized, concise and clear.

Clear call-to-action : Do not forget to include a call to action button. This can vary depending on what you want your visitors to do on your site like you want them to ask for a quote, buy a product or service, fill a form or work with you. Ideally, a call to action button should clarify what you are offering rather than leaving it up to the visitors to figure this out on their own.

High quality content : Content is what can make or break your website. Outdated content can make the visitors question the authenticity of your website. Your website is your most important marketing collateral that can help your audience form an image about your brand. You will certainly want it to be a positive one. Therefore make sure that your website is updated regularly with fresh and informative content that the readers find useful.