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SEO Tips for Web Designers and Developers

  • The URL should be constant
When you create a website the URL should begin with “www”.So the search engines consider the url has two different sites as duplicate content. The url should not contain any symbols and characters in the webpage urls.
  • The content of your site
The content plays an important role of your online marketing strategy especially for search engine optimization. When analyzing the content of your website, the content should be original and share ability, relevance of your content in a site. The content should be relevance of your service, brand or product is important.
Where all the web designing companies in Coimbatore to publish an fresh content for the website. The relevant content of your site earns more visibility in search engines for the topic they are covering. The quality content is to be shareable in a blog is a way to promote your brand in online. This helps your site more traffic and becomes important to search engines.
  • Avoid using flash in site
The flash website URL is not unique for each page. There are no external links in flash sites. The flash sites have to take time to load a web page. The flash sites are not crawled by search engines. Most of the companies avoid flash sites for their search engine optimization procedures.
  • Page Title and keywords
The title of your web page has 60 t0 70 characters. If the title has more than 70 characters search engines did not display. The title should be relative of your web page content. The keywords should be placed in your title tag.
  • Use free Google tools
Google provides free tools for their search engine optimization (SEO) process such as Google webmaster tools , Google Keyword Suggestion tool and Google Analytics tool. These tools are used to help most of the companies to handle SEO process.
  • Webmaster tools
Is the proper solution for your website to help rankings of your website in Google. Here you can analysis your website and HTML improvements.
  • Google Keyword Suggestion tool
This tool is help for an keywords suggestion that relate your keywords. Then you can select your keywords that match your websites.
  • Google Analytics
The Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool provided by Google that reports and tracks website traffic for search engine optimization purposes