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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Find out the uses of Free Html5 Resources

We all have gotten very busy with our hectic lives. For designers and web developers, it is extremely important to keep themselves updated with the newest technologies and happenings in their industry. Designers need to be up to date with the latest resources including themes and templates to build more and more websites with brilliant styles and functionalities. These themes may be purchased at a price or for free. Sound pretty simple, isn’t it? Well, there’s a loop in this. Most of the times, people think and even say that they shouldn’t be using the free resources because paid ones are better and at times even vice versa. So to help you catch up some information on the free html5 resources, we have assembled some uses of these astounding free themes and templates which you need to know before you set forth for your own web designing expedition. Let’s find out the uses:

Websites for Clinics, Sanitation and Hospitality

Websites are common in all sectors to build a corporate image in front of the targeted audience. Be it the corporate sector, hospitality sector or any other sector; a website is a must for all if you want customers to know your brand. Even the hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists who work individually have websites displaying their previous cases, successful surgeries and other health care tips to catch maximum eyeballs of the online visitors. With the free html5 resources in hand, anyone can build and style websites for the health care centers, hospitalities and related businesses. And not just design a simple website, you can use the advanced features to showcase your works beautifully, pie progress bars, Google maps, icons and other UI elements to your site for engaging visitors and encouraging other users to visit your site.

Websites for Museums, Exhibition Centers and Other Events

Knowing the importance of websites, even museums, exhibitions, shows, concerts, events and their contractors build great looking sites to increase more clients and visitors to their events / museums / other shows. Free html5 resources have built in special functionalities that let you show client history, show portfolios, add galleries, and other features to style just the perfect museum sites for all. Although, the free word might be giving different vibes to different people; but it has truly given the designers the power to control the management and maintenance for their sites and that too, with no restrictions!

Among the top rated websites offering the best design resources for free, Creativepig is certified as the best. We are popular for providing quality themes and website templates to users who have the full right to design their websites by customizing anything and using it anywhere! We give full credit to our designers and developers who have worked really hard to build great looking one page templates and themes that work for all web profiles. Charm your clients, customers and other important individuals with the best design resources for free only with our team!

Factors for an Attractive Logo Design

These qualities include:

  1. Consistency being used of your logo, slogan, materials. Reiteration of comparative components, utilized as a part of the same or comparative ways, people groups to recall who you are and what you do.
  2. Memorability, so that your logo stays at the bleeding edge of your potential customers’ brains. That way, they’ll consider you next time they have a need.
  3. Seriousness, so that your logo can spread the message about the recognizing attributes of your business.
  4. Uniqueness, which offers you some assistance with standing out from the group. For instance, if everybody in your industry utilizes a specific image (i.e., travel offices frequently utilize globes in their logos), attempt to utilize something else – that way, your logo doesn’t simply look like everybody else’s.
  5. Polished methodology, in the nature of the illustrations, the printing and the paper on which your materials are printed.
  6. Immortality in your logo will guarantee that you don’t need to update your logo in only a couple of years and that your speculation and value in your outline will be enduring.
  7. Contrast between the hues in your logo – and as far as tint, as well as far as worth also, with the goal that it makes an interpretation of well either to highly contrasting or greyscale and visually challenged individuals can see it.
  8. Solidarity among the diverse components in the logo. The logo must fit together as a solitary unit, and not simply show up as a disorder of components stuck together.
  9. Versatility, so that your logo looks similarly great on both a business card and on a sign for your business (or an announcement!), and at each size in the middle. Your business’ name ought to be clear at various logo sizes – make sure that your creator picks a text style that is effectively coherent.

The Importance Of Graphic Design

1. The digital natives who are overstimulated

The term digital natives meant the generation that was born while digital technology was shaping or while digital technology was still emerging. The users of this generation are only familiar with pleasure of using digital cameras, computers and now smartphones. The emerging technology has become popular as it offers an awe-inspiring collection of stimuli with the help of graphics. Thus content can just not do as much graphics can. With media, videos and jaw-dropping graphics this generation can be enchanted.

2. Short attention span

It is funny to note that tweets are as short as just 140 characters and messages are probably shorter than that. The consumers have developed a shorter attention span. These customers respond best at the introduction of a graphic; first impression becomes the last one. An attention grabbing graphic does the job alone. When a high-impact graphic appears regularly, it improves creation of brand image. Users can recognise the brand easily without reading much about it. Time taken to visualise and comprehend a graphic is way less than the content. Thus companies employ their brand graphic a lot in social media platforms. Visual learners learn fast with graphics.

3. Market perception

The brands graphic or logo plays a vital role in building brand perception. Consumers perceive the importance of a product or service via graphics. Social media users get attracted to graphic designs and in response help in building and strengthening the brand. This way companies can win the trust of the user. A properly designed graphic motivates the user to post on the site and also share the links on other social networks. This way the brand can reach the potential customers.

4. Ideal practices

It is very important that consumer must understand the importance of graphic design. The design and its content must be easy to read and also detailed enough that the viewers can recognize it. The graphics must not be very large so that it takes a lot of time to load. Right graphic should be used to explain the content. They should complement each other.

The Importance of Dynamic Website Design

Everyday new sites are joining the search engine platform, either in the form of static or dynamic form. And don’t forget the huge surge in the portal development for travel or Ecommerce Company, but it is too expensive. Therefore, major fractions of people go in for static or dynamic website designing. If you are an individual or government organization or institution, then static website may be good for you. On the other hand, if you are running an online business; then you should rather focus on dynamic sites due to the excellent features it avail you.

Before you know more about the last line objective, it would be better if you understand what static sites are? In static site, you are allowed to do some basic things with numerous restrictions as it is developed by just some basic HTML coding. It is delivered to the user exactly as stored which leaves no room for further changes. Contrary to that, dynamic websites open up endless doors for you even in your absence.

These sites are built to provide ease of work to both the users and the operator. Here the context is more about Ecommerce site, but it can be used to make sites for all kinds of the business like real estate, industrial purposes, and hospitality sector.

In case of Ecommerce site, it offers easy navigation to the users, space for taking certain actions and immense themselves in its vastness. It has several features what will let you do continuous customization on your site so as to provide better user experience. When you hire a good website designing company, they present your entire products’ catalogue in a beautiful manner. It doesn’t just let you sell your products easily, but also allows prospective audience to engage before turning into new customers. Here, the feature to customize your products section, add gift card or coupons allows you to retain your existing customers for a longer time. Storing the details of the customers is also very important so that you can offer them better experience the next time they land on your site.

Now coming to the technical part, the major languages used for developing these sites are Magento, PHP, and Joomla. HTML is also embedded in the process to make it more SEO friendly. It allows faster updates as well as effective time management. The templates and layout in conjugation with your creativity can give any kind of touch to these sites. You can also incorporate place for adding threaded discussions on the site. Interactivity is the one of the primary functions served by this platform. If you are running an Ecommerce business offline, then get online by hiring any dynamic website designing company to leverage the full potential of market and target audience.