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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Idea of Responsive Web Design

1. Consistency

Offering a consistent experience to your users is one of the indispensable parts of a good website design. If your users cannot enjoy a consistent browsing experience, then they are surely going to get frustrated, which may lead to high bounce rates, page abandonment en bloc. Irrespective of the platform, you visitors should be able to access information from your website. Everything including the navigation menu, contact us information, and content should be easy to find.

2. Compatibility

Internet users today spend more time on their mobile than computers, and thus a scrupulous web developer knows that a good website design should be accessible from various devices & compatible with a range of browsers. Compatibility is the key to a web design success and your website must be scrutinized across most of the leading browsers to make sure the outcome is flawless.

4. Intuitive navigation

Having an intuitive navigation is very crucial for an effective responsive web design. If your users cannot find what they are looking for, then your website design is surely lacking somewhere. So, it is very important to have a design that offers a qualitative user experience.

3. Whitespace

The padding the whitespace helps the users to focus on the content, but with a responsive design you need to pay special attention to these adjusting elements when you website is accessed via a smaller screen. You should make sure that the font sizes, line spacing adjusts them to the whitespace on the screen.

5. Optimized images

Images are very much responsible for the speed of a webpage. When a user views a website, your browser downloads each of the image on the website individually. If the images are very large then they will surely take much more time to load, which can be controlled by optimizing those images.

Importance of an Attractive Web Design for an Online Business

Just look for the information on any subject on the internet. You would get the gamut of results on the search engines. Click on any link to navigate the website. If you do not get the complete details or find difficulty in accessing the site, then obviously, you would not like to visit it again. This will degrade the reputation, and lessens the leads and sales of the business.

How can you improve a poorly designed website?

Consult a professional web designer who can make attractive, user friendly, and search engine optimized website. An influential will be accessible and offers a great navigation experience to the users.

What is the importance of a website in online business?

A website is an imperative aspect to enhance the performance of an entrepreneur. Today, most of us prefer to sit at homes and look for information online instead of going to the stores. People are comfortable with online transactions for buying the products.

A website can support your entire business by being a great platform for people where they can inquire about your products. It is the reflection of your entrepreneur that showcases the different products and services offered to the consumers. Therefore, creating an attractive website should not be the sole objective of an organization. A website should be user friendly, requires low maintenance, easily accessible, and informative to attract the maximum users and improve the sales.

How can you make an influential website?

An effective way to promote your business and set yourself apart is to hire web designers San Diego. The professionals use HTML, CSS, and other advance technologies to give an exceptional look and feel to the website. They can easily identify the target audience and make designs according to the requirements. This will help in building a brand name of the business and increase the sales as well as leads.

What is the job of a web designer?

A web designer performs an extensive array of tasks in designing a site including:

  • Proportion and Balance
  • Typography
  • Color and contrast
  • Grouping
  • Spacing
  • Artistic web design tricks
  • 3D effects
  • Custom imagery

The heart and soul of an efficient web designer lies in creativity. He can bring unique content and out of the box ideas on the desk. A professional amalgamate creativity and technologies to create a master piece.

Is hiring web designer is the right decision?

Hiring web designers San Diego is the best idea to experience a win-win situation. The professionals can provide web services to you irrespective of the size of your business. They have designed websites for customers working in diverse industries including hospitals, restaurants, legal, sports, e-commerce, and many more. If you need a complex design for your business, then they will include more number of resources to cover your specified requirements. They have a team of experts like content writers, web developers, designers,and SEO specialists performing tasks of their respective forte in creating an influential site. Hence, hire them and create an effective website to rise in your business field.

Checklist to Designing a New Website

Gear up : Before you start designing a few things there are quite a few things you need to do. Communicate with the client and get a briefing on what they expect from you. Find more about the industry toy are dealing with, understand their brand, target audience, get quotes for the services, prepare a business proposal and send it to the client. Set deadlines before the client signs on the final contract and the project kicks off.

Start the project : At the start of the project prepare a sitemap of the website with the relevant sections. Select professional and experienced developers, designers and content writers to get them to start the work. Decide the design template and determine the privacy policy and other legal content. Allot time and effort for different activities like designing, content creation, graphic management and video creation.

Development : Create a hosting space and new databases for your site and configure the content management system. Set up the website content and quality check each page. Make sure you incorporate all the content items that you had decided with your client. Create a Contact Us page and with the contact details of the client and a map.

Quality check : The next step is quality assurance of the site. Validate HTML and CSS as well as internal and external links. Check the web pages for unique content, ensure all the design elements are in place, check page load time, correct your metadata, check whether the social media icons are working properly and make sure that the third party tools have been integrated properly. Don’t forget to make your site responsive and mobile friendly.

Launch the site : Register your site and verify it with Google Webmasters. Create a Google Analytics code and link it with your Webmasters account for better tracking and analytics. Look after the search engine optimization of the site- check for unique title tags and meta descriptions, conduct a keyword research, check the speed and performance of the site and keep a track of how people are interacting with your social media pages.

Reasons for choosing a Custom Web Design

I. Allows To Select Templates

One of the important reasons is that it allows businesses to select not only the designing elements but also the functionality of site. With the designing elements you may determine the color, site layout and other visual elements and with functionality you may make it easy for customers to reach your call to action.

Most content management software easily builds your site, but they use similar templates and layout depending on their popularity for thousands of sites and don’t provide unique designs to your business site.

Professional designing companies specialize in designing and give companies the freedom to select the template for their site and then to individualise it and make it totally compatible with the needs of the business which helps in reducing the risk of infringement or copyright issues.

II. Flow Of Your Website

Another reason for selecting custom web design is that it allows businesses to choose the flow of their site according to their business needs and functions. With readymade software it is impossible for business to create a flow that is totally appropriate for your business needs. For, this you need to hire professional design services that allow your business to create that flow with respect to your business functions.

III. Set Separate Standards

It helps businesses to set separate standards against their competitors and makes their website stand apart from the clutter. With such customization your site gets a fresh look with an appealing content to attract the user’s attention. Moreover, it allows for the making of adjustments with SEO strategies which readymade software doesn’t allow.

The online market is growing day by day and it is extending its reach to the masses more rapidly. If you want make your business to be more successful, then a custom web design is vital as it not only includes creative looks but has all the factors including SEO optimization.